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Massage therapy services at Pure Healing Art
Swedish Massage
This is the traditional relaxing massage. Swedish massage movements include gentle to firm pressure with long, relaxing, rolling strokes, using various light oils. Swedish massage increases circulation and lymphatic flow, aiding the body in cleansing itself of toxins.
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Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage focuses on trigger points in the body that can cause pain, and is a wonderful treatment to ensure relaxation. Therapeutic massage is an excellent massage technique for athletes and body builders. In fact, therapeutic massage has been shown to aid in muscle recovery and sooth soreness after intense physical activity.
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“Walk in Balance.” Within the human body are specific energy zones. These energy zones are connected to specific pressure points on the feet. We manipulate these pressure points through massage to release energy blockages and relieve stress.
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Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art that uses essential oils from flowers and herbs. These oils have healing, beautifying, and soothing properties, which are very beneficial when applied in conjunction with massage therapy. A therapy that balances your mind and body, Aromatherapy massage provides relaxation and increased energy while reducing the effects of stress.
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Pure Ayurvedic Massage
This form of Swedish massage uses warm, herbal-infused body oils that are selected base on your personal needs and according to your predominant Dasha.
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Pure Sauvignon Massage
The perfect beginning or end to a challenging day, Pure Sauvignon massage is a toning rubdown using grape seed extract and oils. Polyphenols in the grape seed extract help to stabilize the free radicals in the body’s system, fighting the look of aging and creating balance and synergy within your skin.
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Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a Japanese healing massage that has been in use for five thousand years. Shiatsu massage applies pressure to meridian points along the spine, opening up energy pathways throughout the body. It is excellent for relieving headaches, tension, and insomnia.
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Hot Stone Massage
This technique is based on ancient Native American, South American, African, European, Egyptian, and Indian healing traditions. The body is massaged with smooth hot stones, relaxing and stretching the muscles. Stone massage is designed to balance the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual sphere of your being. There is an energy exchange between the stone and the tension in your body. You will feel spiritually uplifted and re-energized by mother earth.
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Fusion Massage
Pure Healing Art uses this method for the ultimate massage experience. Some of the techniques we use are deep tissue, Thai, muscle release, hot stone, traditional Swedish, and other specialized massage techniques with your choice of aromatherapy oils.
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Pregnancy Massage
Our pregnancy massages calms the body, mind, and spirit, while restoring balance to the endocrine. Special supports and the utmost caution are taken when massage is applied to pregnant women. This massage eases back tension and relieves water retention in the legs. Massage is not recommended during the first trimester. Consult your physician before beginning any treatment during the second or third trimester.
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